Bienvenidos a nuestra casa…Welcome to our home…



Hermosa casa camino a Caburgua, a solo 18 min del centro de Pucón (camino pavimentado), 10 min de las termas y solo 2 km de las mejores playas del lago Caburgua.
El moderno diseño de la casa incorpora espacios amplios para disfrutar en familia y también muchos rincones para descansar…
Disponible para Arriendo por temporadas durante los meses de verano.
Beautiful house in Pucon ~ Caburgua, 18 min from downtown pucon (paved road), 10 min from 3 hot springs centers and only 1,2 miles from Caburgua Lake.
The design of the house incorporates open spaces to enjoy with the family without losing the nice corners that allow us to escape and have our own quite time..
Whether you are inside or outside, you can appreciate the amazing views to the Villarrica Volcano, Cabugua low hills, and gardens with different flowers each station of the year, bird watching and more than 100 fruit trees…
Available for vacations during January and February 2014.






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